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Ceylon Moragalla Estate Rare Oolong

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Ceylon Moragalla Estate Rare Oolong

The Moragalla Estate is located close to the ocean in the south of the island of Sri Lanka at an altitude of only 60m above sea level. The resultant elevated salt level in the soil is absorbed by the tea shrubs and forms a vital component of the production of limited production tea.

A delicate combination of of mature and younger leaves are used, with 'two or three leaves and bud' plucked for the production of this loose leaf tea. Throughout the entire chain of processing, it is carefully ensured that the leaves are not cut, and only broken by themselves, to allow for natural oxidation to occur during the fermentation process. This black, long, open leaf yields slightly roasted notes and malty aromas, which surround the overall aromatic character of this tea.

As with all oolong teas, it is renowned for its health properties.

Cup Colour: Brass.
Amount of tea per cup: 2 levelled teaspoon.
Brewing time: 2 to 3 minutes.