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Bourbon Vanilla Tea

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Bourbon Vanilla Tea. Precious pieces of fine Bourbon Vanilla pods, full of ripe sweetness soften this fine yet slightly tart blend of Indian black teas.


Bourbon vanilla is the name for all vanilla grown in Madagascar and other islands in the Indian Ocean, including Comoros and Reunion. Reunion was formerly known as the isle Bourbon, and it is the name of that island that gave Bourbon Vanilla its name. Bourbon vanilla beans come from the orchid V. planifolia. Bourbon vanilla beans have a high vanillin content and a very strong, clear, and creamy vanilla flavour that is instantly recognisable and a great addition to any recipe.


Ingredients: Black Tea, natural vanilla flavouring, pieces of vanilla, sunflower petals.
Cup Colour: brown golden
Brewing time: 3 to 4 minutes.