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Moringa Infusion Bags

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Moringa Infusion Bags

Moringa is one of the most nutritious plants in the world. The Moringa Oleifera plant grows mainly in tropical and equatorial regions of the planet. It is found growing naturally in India, the Arabian peninsula, East Africa, Madagascar and South West Africa. We can consume all parts of the moringa plant, such as its leaves, seeds and roots.
1) It contains high levels of essential fatty acids such as omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9.
2) It is rich in antioxidants.
3) It contains all the essential amino acids that the human body needs.
4) It contains zeatin, salvestrol and chlorophyll, which provide a range of health benefits.
5) It is rich in minerals and vitamins such as calcium, potassium, iron and vitamins A, E and C.

Naturally caffeine-free.
Weight: 24 herbal tea bags.

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