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Min Ran Yun Old Top Grade Yunnan Pu Erh Tea ~ Produced 2002

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Menghai is a small village in Yunnan Province, where only 260 families live there. The village is located at a mountain top 1800-1900 mts. above sea level. With 2088 hours of annual sunshine and mists around the year, the wild ancient trees grown in this village provide the best leaves for tea making, and this village has been one of the four famous Pu ehr tea origins in China for many years.


The village is also endowed with a diversity of vegetation, fresh air, and stunning views. Due to the Pu erh trees growing among camphor tress in this natural wild mountain, the Pu erh tea produced in Menghai village acquires the unique scent of the camphor trees.


Menghai Pu erh tea is purely organic, as it is made from the leaves of wild tea trees grown in mountain for hundreds of years without any fertiliser or pollution.


Therefore it is rich in nutrients and is very good for the health. It has proven effects on slimming, fat reduction, blood pressure reduction.Pu erh tea is worth collecting, as its flavour improves with age. In terms of flavour, Menghai Pu erh tea is characterised by strong flavor, thick texture, mellowness and lingering taste.


Tea Brand: Min Ran Yun Tea
Pu erh Category: Raw Pu erh, Sheng Pu erh
Allow 1 heaped teaspoon per person.
Weight: 400g when packed, approx 380g now.

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