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Kopi Luwak ~ Civet Cat Coffee

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Kopi Luwak ~ Civet Cat Coffee

Kopi Luwak ~ Civet Cat Coffee. Possibly the rarest of all coffees?  It is estimated only around 500Kg are collected from the wild each year, making this the world's  most expensive coffee.

It is by far one of the world’s finest coffees, with one of the most interesting stories behind it! In the forests of Vietnam lives the Luwak or palm civet cat.  Being partial to the ripe coffee cherries it eats only the very best it can find. The undigested coffee seeds inside are then collected by the natives from the droppings of the cat, before being cleaned thoroughly, dried and prepared for shipment.  As the wild Luwaks are free to roam, they are able to select only the best quality, ripest coffee cherries to eat, leaving the vast majority of inferior cherries uneaten.  This is certainly a major factor in the final quality of the Kopi Luwak coffee produced.

This is an extremely rare coffee, having an intense but delicate flavour with heavy aftertaste.  This is due to the partial fermentation during its course through the civet cat.

If you see this coffee on other sites at "what seems to be a good cheap price" the beans are probably from caged cats, which we are completely against. 

Roast Strength: Medium/ Strong

Body 3/5

Sweetness 4/5

Acidity 2/5

NOTE: Due to the large amount of natural oils in roast coffee beans we are unable to send these plastic free.

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