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Izanagi ~ Ceremonial Grade Matcha - The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company

Izanagi ~ Ceremonial Grade Matcha

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Izanagi ~ Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Ambrosial with Sweet Umami Undertones

This Izanagi ~ Ceremonial Grade Matcha is a crème de la crème ceremonial-grade matcha and brews an exquisite, buttery-sweet broth of chlorophyll elixir with rich and malty roasted aromas.

The crown jewel of our artisan-roasted matcha, Izanagi uses only the topmost leaves of shade-grown tea trees nurtured for over 30 years before harvest, boasting the sweetest and most luscious taste profile in our range. The captivating aromas of pure umami and roasted caramel can be experienced upon brewing. Packed full of L-theanine and immunity-boosting antioxidants, this rich ambrosia can also be prepared in ‘koicha’ (thick) consistency that can launch you into a transcendent state of alpha-wave nirvana.

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