Chamomile and Hemp Infusion

Chamomile and Hemp Infusion Organic

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The Hemp mixture to get you down. An enormous amount of hemp, rooibos, chamomile, lavender and fennel blended in harmony. The 'Infusion' for a refreshing sleep.
Ingredients: Hemp leaves* (25%), green rooibos*, fennel*, chamomile*, ginger*, star anise*, moringa leaves*, lavender*, coriander seeds*, buckthorn*, rose petals*. *Certified Organic.

Four important tips for the preparation of hemp infusions.

1. Soft water makes hemp infusion more intense.
Hemp likes soft water. Like particularly goods and exclusive teas, hemp infusions need soft water to develop its full flavour.

2. Hemp infusions - rule of thumb for infusion and infusion time.
Hemp infusions are generally infused at about 80 degrees. The infusion time of hemp infusions ranges from 2 to 5 minutes, depending on the taste. The longer, the more bitter. Special hemp tea infusions (e.g. with black Assam tea) are infused with hotter water (100 degrees), which usually shortens the brewing time.

3. Hemp and metal are not compatible.
A good old porcelain teapot is recommended for preparation. Metal jugs should not be used for hemp infusions. The only exception: teapots or tea users made of high-quality stainless steel (18/8). The use of a tea egg or a metal tea tong is not recommended. In addition to the metal material, the rather large hemp leaves do not spread in the small round cages and cannot fully develop their aroma or effect. Best to use an open infusions and a strainer.

4. Hemp infusions want and need fat.
Many ingredients in the hemp infusion are water soluble and pass into the infusion. However, some active ingredients are only fat-soluble. In order to achieve the full effect and aroma of a hemp infusion or a hemp infusion mixture, it is advisable to drink a little milk before the infusion. This is the only way to get all good, healthy and tasty active substances of the hemp leaves from the hemp infusion.

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