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Bombilla 01

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Bombilla 01

The bombilla 01 is a straw with a filtered end and is used to sip Yerba Mate from a mate gourd. This basic one part design bombilla is ideal for beginners.

Bombilla is a straw for drinking yerba mate. Usually they are made from metal, but sometimes can be made from bamboo. The straw has a filter at the end – usually in the form of small holes but can also be slashes or a spring. It is placed in the mate cup or gourd that is full of yerba leaves, and once hot water is added to the infusion, the resulting brew is sipped through the straw. The filter separated the yerba leaves from the infusion.

How to clean my bombilla

The first tip with your bombilla 01 is as soon as you have finished using it, remove it from the yerba mate and rinse. This will minimise the amount of yerba clogged in the holes.

To clean, place in a saucepan with water and a little vinegar and bring to the boil. If it can be taken apart then do so, otherwise boil it as it is. Boiling will loosen the yerba mate that collects inside.

Use a cleaning brush (limpiabombilla) to poke down the length of the bombilla 01 several times. This will dislodge the yerba mate and remove it. 

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