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The Mallow Tailor

Artisan filled chocolates to suit.

At The Mallow Tailor we believe in offering only the highest quality chocolates.
We use only the finest Belgian chocolate, whose producers hold sustainability high on their agenda, as do we.  We offer dark, milk, white or a mix if you like variety...
Choose your filling between our handmade luxurious marshmallow or our melt in the mouth sea salt caramel, or just have both!

Sea salted caramel ~ handmade with Halen Mon sea salt, welsh butter and cream.

Vanilla Marshmallow ~ handmade using Faritrade sugar and real vanilla.

Caramallow ~ a fantastic mix of layered sea salted caramel and marshmallow.

All of the above range are gluten free and egg free. Our sea salted caramel filling is suitable for vegetarians.