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Custom Blend Tea Bags

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Custom Blend Tea Bags
Need your own Custom Blend Tea Bags making, then just ask?
We can source most products throughout the world, grind, blend and bag as required.
We can offer bulk bagged, small bagged, white labelled, sorted and packed as required.
Our bags are 100% biodegradable, Compostable to EN13432 Standard and uses Certified GMO free polymer.


Biodegradable Heat-Sealable Filter Paper – FAQ’s

What is UK Green Seal?

UK Green Seal is 100% biodegradable heat-sealable paper using wood pulps and vegetable starch based bioplastic as a sealing polymer.

Is UK Green Seal  biodegradable?

Yes, UK Green Seal  is 100% biodegradable as it is made from biodegradable raw materials!

Is UK Green Seal  Compostable?

UK Green Seal is compostable to EN13432 standard (EU standard for industrially compostable materials).

Can I compost it at home / is it home compostable?

UK Green Seal products will disintegrate in home compost and the residual bioplastic will biodegrade in time. Currently, it is not certified home compostable.

Is the product “plastic free”?

By Plastic Planet’s definition, UK Green Seal is plastic free, as it doesn’t contain any oil-based plastics. However, as it does use a bioplastic to seal the paper we advise against usage of the term, in order not to confuse consumers.

Is the polymer used in UK Green Seal free from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)?

Yes, the polymer used in UK Green Seal is certified GM free by Eurofins.

Will the new paper affect my brew?

Our paper has been specially engineered to deliver a strong tea bag every time, with no effect on the quality of the taste.


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