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Brilliant Peacock Pu Erh ~ Produced 2010

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Brilliant Peacock Pu Erh ~ Produced 2010. Summer / Autumn harvest leaves fermented for 50 days, blended and compressed. 
This ripe tea cake was made in 2010 from leaves plucked from wild tea trees over 400 years old. The tea is of the highest quality and only improves with age, so this could be one to purchase for the future.
It contains rich nutrients and is very good for health. It is favoured by tea lovers across the world. 1 cake is minimum weight of 350 grams.
The picture is representative of the product, each one differs it may or may not have a label as shown as is has been stored compressed since 2010!
Tea Brand: MinRanYun Tea Distribution Network
Pu erh Category: Ripe Pu erh, Shu Pu erh
Allow 1 heaped teaspoon per person.

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